10-km run with pet dog, 6 hrs of sound sleep keep DocVita CEO fit

Anmol Arora, CEO of, usually takes aon most days. ‘I have anwho needs regular exercise, which means I clock in four to six miles running with him every day. On most days, I sleep by 1 am and wake up by 7 am,’ he tells ET Panache.

He swears by ‘Body Tough Love: 5 am Hacks’ by Dan Luca, author of ‘The 5 am Revolution’ – it is a simple 3-minute regime that does wonders, no matter where he is.

Mental Health
‘I use the Daily Calm App to meditate every day. Leading a team at a startup can be demanding and stressful – meditating helps me develop a tolerance for chaos, uncertainty and reach the inner well of creativity. My family and close friends are the support system I lean on – I make sure to set out a dedicated time to catch up with them, either in person or virtually,’ he says.

Fitness code
Arora is either running or playing with his adorable husky – Shazam for a.

‘I am a proud pet parent to Shazam – a Siberian Husky. He’s about six months old, and is a very active dog who needs to walk or run for at least six to seven kms every day in the morning and evening,’ he says.

Arora has made changes in his life since he became a pet owner. ‘I am more disciplined. I can’t sleep after 7.30 am. I am more into fitness. I take a mandatory walk and workout every day – even on Sundays. There’s more positivity. Spending just 10 minutes brings happiness, and immediately reduces any stress and anxiety. I also take this opportunity to train my dog, and on some days let loose and have fun,’ he shares.

Food fun
He starts off his day with lemon and turmeric in lukewarm water inspired by The 5 am Revolution by Dan Luca.

‘I prefer home-cooked food which is less oily than outside food, and I make sure to include soups and salads in my diet. I have coconut water twice a week. Wherever possible, I opt for grilled over fried. Either Saturday or Sunday every week is a cheat day. It’s mostly a cheese burst pizza or ordering in a dinner with close friends,’ he says.

Mind map
Arora loves watching documentaries that challenge the status quo and discuss or explore bold ideas. ‘There is plenty of content I follow on YouTube and Netflix, and I choose the ones that especially open up my field of vision to things. I read books that come highly recommended by fellow entrepreneurs. The last book I enjoyed reading was The 15 commitments of Conscious Leadership by Jim Dethmer,’ he shares.

Soul fry
Arora follows ‘Gratitude’ by Tamara Levitt on the Calm app – it’s a simple way to practice gratitude in an authentic way that can be applied to every context. ‘Feeling grateful is cathartic and puts things in perspective – especially in tough moments like this year has thrown up for many of us. My favourite meditation album for the last eight years is Music as Medicine by Nawang Khechog. Most played song:’s Magnificient Heart,’ he ended.

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