CISF asks field commanders to sensitise troops about dangers, proper usage of social media

NEW DELHI:has directed its field commanders to spread awareness about the ‘dangers’ of irresponsible use of social media and ensure that the new guidelines framed in this context are followed scrupulously. The about 1.62 lakh personnel strong force had issued a set of fresh guidelines for social media usage by its personnel few days back under which they were directed to ‘disclose’ their user IDs of all such platforms likeand Instagram, to the organisation.

The guidelines were issued, a senior official said, to ensure that the social media is used by the troops with ‘responsibility and accountability’ and these were approved after clearance from CISF Director General (DG) Rajesh Ranjan.

In a fresh directive issued on Monday, the force headquarters here has directed all its formation chiefs and unit commanders to make aware the personnel about the ‘proper and creative’ use of social media and also about its ‘sensitivity and dangers’.

It said these topics should be discussed during the regular ‘sainik sammelans’ or ‘meeting the troops’ programmes that are held regularly.

The directive added that while usage of social media is allowed in the force for keeping in touch with family, friends and other developments, the personnel should ensure that ‘sensitive and secret information’ is not divulged and the pride, image or discipline is not affected through their online interactions.

The new guidelines, first issued on July 31, had stated that violators of the new rules will face ‘strict legal and disciplinary action’.

The force had issued the two-page guidelines in view of the ‘threat posed’ by these online platforms to ‘national security and general discipline of the force’.

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is the national civil aviation security force guarding 63 airports of the country at present along with some of the most critical assets in the aerospace and nuclear domain apart from various government ministries and buildings.

It is slated to take over the civil airport in Leh in the Union Territory of Leh on Wednesday.

The guidelines were issued, the July 31 order said, after the force noticed instances where social media platforms ‘were used by the force personnel to share sensitive information about the nation/organisation and to criticise the policies of the government’.

The new guidelines have five points to be followed by the CISF staffers:

‘Personnel to disclose their user IDs of all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,being used by them to the department through respective units and formations.

‘Incase of any change in user ID or creation of a new one, they must inform it to the department,’ the guidelines said.

They added that personnel should not use ‘anonymous or pseudonymous’ user IDs and they should not use these online platforms to ‘criticise the policies of the government on any matter’.

‘Social media platforms should not be used as a tool to bypass the chain of command and the proper channel to air their grievances,’ it said.

The social media usage policy in the force was first brought in 2016 and revised in 2019.

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