Everyday tech tips: How to deal with pain points in your gadgets

We use our devices for multiple hours each day. But they each have pain points intrinsic to the platform. ET offers some solutions to these daily irritants:

Transfer Files Between Devices
All of our multiple devices (desktops, laptops, phones, tablets) don’t always play nice with each other because of their different platforms. But,, MAC andare a part of our lives now, so you should know how to share files across them. This is relatively easy if you only stick to one platform. ‘

For instance,users have Airdrop, Windows users have Near Share and Android users have Android Beam. Someone will be quick to suggest cloud storage like Dropbox orDrive — they have apps or webpages on all these platforms. But these solutions offer limited cloud storage for free and transferring large files is a pain because you have to first upload then download.

If you want a faster way to transfer files, use SHAREit(www.ushareit.com) — it offer apps for all the platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and even Windows Phone). Install the app and you can then share any file directly from one device to other instantly over WiFi.

If you don’t want to install apps, try Snapdrop. Head to on the browser on both devices. You can share files in much the same way as SHAREit. Keep in mind that both devices should be on the same WiFi network for Snapdrop to work.

Use Google Assistant in Different Voices
Are you are bored of hearing the same Google Assistant? At this year’s I/O 2018 (Google’s developer conference), the company announced that they will be adding 6 new voices to the Google Assistant. To change to one of these new voices, you need to first update your Google Assistant app to the latest version.

Launch the app and tap on the blue box on the top right corner. Here, tap the three dots on the top right and select settings from the drop down menu. In the settings page, tap on> Assistant Voice — you will see 8 available voices to choose from.

Select any one to hear a preview of the voice and once you finalise on a voice, just head back to the main Google Assistant home page and it will be set as the default.

Make Alexa Your Assistant on Android
Alexa is now available as a stand-alone app for Android devices. This means that you can have the Google Assistant as well as Alexa as voice assistant on your Android smartphone. By default, your voice assistant is set to Google Assistant but if you want, you can make Alexa the default too.

After you have installed the Alexa app and signed in-to your account,the settings page on your Android phone. Go to Apps & Notification > Default apps > Assistance & voice input. Tap on the Assist app setting and select Amazon Alexa as the default.

Make a Stylish Video From Your Photos
Do you have multiple photos that you want to share with friends and family? Sending multiple images or sharing all of them on social media can be a tedious process. Instead, make a stylish short video out of your photos. There’s no easier way than using the free Quik app (available for Android and iOS).

After you install the app, you just need to press the plus icon at the bottom and select all the photos you want to include in the video. You can change the order in which the photos appear and that’s it!

Quik automatically adds stylish effects and music to the video. You can change the video theme, background audio, remove photos and add various effects too. Once you’re satisfied, you can share it on multiple social sites or save it to your gallery. It’s a lot more fun to view photos like this.

ProdInto Playing Music for You
YouTube is clearly the biggest online repository of videos across multiple topics. This means that they also have one of the largest collections of music available on the website including tracks that are not available anywhere else.

If you just want to listen to music and not have the video play get the free Audio Only YouTube extension for Chrome from the Chrome Web store. The extension disables video playback in YouTube without compromising on the audio quality.

You can enable the video playback instantly when required by just clicking on the extension icon in the Chrome bar.

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