Mangaluru: With inspiration from online videos, PDO builds wall from waste plastic bottles

(This story originally appeared inon Jan 05, 2020)

A month ago when(PDO)watched aof constructing ausing plastic bottles, he decided to try it out. Since the solid waste management plant of the panchayat did not have a wall and the unit was receiving a large number of plastic bottles as part of waste that was being segregated at the plant, he decided to use the same.

Muthappa told TOI, “At the plant, we were receiving a large numbers of plastic drinking water bottles that were later sold at Rs 10 for one kg. About a month ago, I watched a video about a house being built with plastic bottles and thought of trying it out. The 5-feet wall, which is about 100 feet in length was completed last week. The bottles were filled with mud and sand and were systematically placed. A small amount of concrete mixture is used to fill the gaps in between. We used onlybrand bottles because we get them in large numbers and the one-litre bottles are slightly longer compared to other brands. In between, after every metre, a 1.5inch wall with stones and bricks has been built for support,” he said.

The online video was shared with the labourers working in the plant, who watched it before beginning the construction work.

A total of 5,000 bottles have been used. “We have built the wall on experimental basis. Whether the wall can withstand rain and heavy winds is to be seen. The experiment is being widely appreciated, even by engineers. This is a cost-effective method. Many people are visiting the site to see the wall,” he said.

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