PehleSafety: Google’s message for netizens in India

NEW DELHI:has launched a public outreach campaign termed #PehleSafety in order to build awareness around best pracices for staying safe online in the country. India is going through a massive boom in its Internet consumption with over 400 million Internet users driven by cheapin the country.

The campaign which will juxtapose various activies on the Internet such as ‘Pehle Safety phir Banking’ or ‘Pehle Safety phir Shopping’ will walk people through specific actions they can take to lock down and protect their online presence.

Saikat Mitra, Director, Trust & Safety, Google India said, “We believe that education is a crucial aspect of online security. Over the course of last year we launched a far-reaching campaign to inform our users about online security, and the steps they can take to keep their internet experience safe. We worked with topinfluencers to spread the word on online safety, and launched powerful, step-by-step tools like the Security Checkup and Password Checkup that help you strengthen your Google Account security and address issues in minutes.

In addition to this, Google has also launched an extensive internet security campaign along with theCouncil of India (DSCI), aimed at reaching out to millions of end-users and educating them about best practices for staying safe online.

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