T-Series rules YouTube’s airwaves, but Bhushan Kumar is not stopping here

New formats may have changed the way we listen to— cassettes are extinct, CDs are obscure and music is now live streamed on phones and computers. But despite this, two things remain constant — first, the love for melody and good music, and the domination ofin the industry. While T-Series was always a market leader in India, last year, it became the first music company to find a place and crack YouTube’s ‘Top 10 Most Viewed Channels’ list.

By the end of 2016, the record label, also an entertainment company, left behind teen sensation, who was reigning at the start of the year, to become the world’s number 1 most viewed channel on.

With largely Hindi film music and movie videos, the channel has managed 7.32 billion times views (with December 2016 alone crossing 892.5 million views). Excited to hear the news,, Chairman and MD, T-Series, says, “Becoming the world’s number 1 music channel on Youtube is very exciting and inspiring. It motivates me to work even harder with my team.”

“In 2016, there were 11 Bollywood films releasing in a period of just nine months, more than any other studio. With the Hindi film industry gaining so much popularity amongst Indians and other world citizens, I am sure that we will only grow further,” says Kumar, who has heralded the evolution of the company.

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